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MeMBeR AppLiCaTioN / MeMBeR Appeal Format:
« on: April 27, 2012, 06:28:03 pm »
Follow this format to apply.

-Your Nickname(s) Or Real Names:

-Where are you from:

-How old are you:

-Your gender:

-how well do you speak english

-When did you join this school

-How often you study in this school:

-Have you been in a gang before? If yes tell us which gang and why did you

leave it.

***To be accepted***

1-you should be well mennered and respect the clan memebrs.and Respect Server Founder To.

2 you must be over 10 years

3-You must be gangless.

4-You have to be a skilled player,you can use any kind of skills.

5-You must be active on our gang.


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